Click Our Bait: Funny Fishing Moments You Should Check Out


A Fishing Kind Of Honeymoon

Most newlyweds would choose to go out on a trip to a foreign island or country for their honeymoon because: (1) they can afford it, and (2) it’s like the most mainstream and socially practiced honeymoon choice.

But it turns out, this couple are not one of those cliché couples! As you can see, this bride has her rod and is ready to go fishing. Despite wearing her bridal gown.

Don’t worry, no judgments here! We are glad that this couple chose a cheaper way to enjoy their honeymoon. And if they caught some fish, they could save dinner money!

Or maybe it was actually a beach wedding and the wind blew her veil to the water and she was just out to get it? Why is no one else helping her? We really have so many questions for this photo.