Click Our Bait: Funny Fishing Moments You Should Check Out


Wrong Bait

One thing about fishing is that you can’t actually be sure if you will be able to catch anything at all. Sometimes, you get lucky and land yourself a big catch. Other times, you may get nothing at all. That is why fishing can give you a certain kind of feeling of fulfillment when you actually do catch one!

But what if you found out that you caught something bigger than a fish that you were expecting? You know, something that actually feasts on meat? Maybe even called a crocodile? Can’t say we’re envious of this man right here.

 Just Checking

This photo here is one of the reasons why trying to fish in a pothole is not a terrible idea at all. Because, imagine going out to check out for fish inside a manhole! We all know how dirty those are and how disgusting they smell.

But it looks like those facts did not stop him! He still wants to go and check if there are fishes inside that manhole. Anyway, no judgment made. Since rumor has it that he was able to catch a largemouth bass from that manhole!