How A Single Photo On Social Media Can Derail A Person’s Entire Career

A Worldwide Sensation


Matt Ufford had allegedly used the image without the consent of its original owner, which got him in trouble. He was threatened by the owner of the image for legal action; however, it was already too late. Ufford’s blog had already gained a lot of traffic, and people all over the country were talking about her picture. Even big news outlets started to cover her image. The image was shared all over social media. Ufford’s blog on sexualizing the minor turned the minor into a worldwide sensation. For her, that day of the photograph was like another day in her career where she stood on the field and prepared for the event; however, that day was different; that day was going to change her forever. It was going to give her popularity such a big boost that she wasn’t expecting it that time in her life.