How A Single Photo On Social Media Can Derail A Person’s Entire Career

Internet Has Always Been Creepy


We all know that the internet can get very savage at times. However, she attracted a lot of obsessive followers from all over the world. Photographers from different news outlets, magazines, and blogs started showing up at her pole vaulting events just to get another sexy picture of the athlete. In addition, you could find her fake accounts on every social media platform, people making groups to worship her. Allison thought that it would be great to use her fame to bring more light to her sport of pole vaulting. This is why she created a YouTube channel and updated a video where she talked about pole vaulting and her career and journey; however, as for every video on YouTube, the comments section was aggressive and abusive, which for that time was something unacceptable for Allison and her parents. These were still the starting days of YouTube, so people weren’t as aware of how bad the comments section could get as they are now.