How A Single Photo On Social Media Can Derail A Person’s Entire Career

What Can We Learn From How She Was Treated

Allison Stokke

There are billions of people on the internet, and not everyone can be controlled. However, everyone can be encouraged to change their behavior towards other people online. Just because it’s the internet and the other person can’t see your face does not mean that you have to be abusive towards them. Think before you post a comment. You should realize the consequences of your post before you let the world’s eyes on it. Would you like it if someone posted that comment about you? If not, then why are you posting about someone else. In the case of Allison, she was just a teenager when she had to take on a media onslaught brought on her by a man way older than her, who stole a picture from another media outlet and posted it online with a sexualized headline. This is just disturbing. This ruined her school years and not to mention affected her confidence as a pole vaulter. So as a person, we all have to encourage each other to be more mindful and respectable of how we conduct ourselves on the internet.