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Allison Stokke: A Prodigy In Education and Sports


Allison’s excellence in pole vaulting can be judged by the fact that she won the CIF California state championship. She was breaking record after record in Pole vaulting. She broke her high school record in 2004 when she was just a freshman at Newport Harbor High School. She vaulted 12 feet 7.75 inches which seemed impossible for an athlete her age to do. However, she shocked everyone when she vaulted at 12 feet. She knew how good she was, but she never let self-confidence get in her success. Even as a sophomore, she set a new high school record for high schools. She vaulted 13 feet 5.75 inches.

This was only a sign for things to come as everyone that one day she would make it big and make her gymnast brother and everyone else in the family proud.