How A Single Photo On Social Media Can Derail A Person’s Entire Career

Simple Yet Concerning Photograph

A very concerning image of Allison Stokke was posted on the internet. Before this picture was posted, Allison had been competing in pole vaulting competitions all over her state during her high school years. She never faced any similar issue like this one. However, at a pole vaulting event in California, she got an image taken of her by California Track and Field website. It was a very concerning image and what made things worse was that Allison Stokke was only 17 years old at that time, which means that she was just a minor. The picture showed Allison preparing for the competition on the field. There were several photos of Allison and other competitors present at the event. However, one of these was the concerning image that we have been talking about. Those pictures were like pictures from any other event, so not many people expected what happened after the photo was uploaded online.