This privacy policy statement is about securing any data that we receive from you, demand from you or you send us. Anything that will be processed to our webpage and our team will be secure within our hands. To understand our privacy policy and how we practice our views in terms of keeping your personal data secure, is all mentioned below. Thank You!

  1. In order to keep you updated with our website and posts and to ensure better service, we might collect some personal data from you. This includes filling up a form to register with our website or subscribing to our service. Your contact can be required also for correspondence and you might be asked to fill out some surveys for us. However all of your personal data remains with our team and does not go public on the webpage at any cost.


  1. Your personal data is kept only if it is needed on long term. If the purpose of your contact does not exist anymore; we archive your data.


  1. Sometimes, your personal data is required for some major direct marketing and we demand your consent for it. If you don’t agree with it; we do not utilize your personal data at any cost.


  1. There is no fear of disclosure of your personal data to anyone. As mentioned in point 1, it stays with our team for as long as the purpose remains. Otherwise, your data is archived and we do not keep it along with us for long time periods.


  1. Every data that you provide us remains highly confidential. This information can be passed out to service providers, financial institutions, business partners etc. however, the information is not forwarded on without your consent.


  1. If you contact us (for any purpose), we might keep that contact medium with us for further communication. It depends on the purpose of your communication with us.


  1. We also have access to the visits that you make to our website and that remains with us for correspondence and the sake of our website details.


  1. Your data remains with us for any invitations that we have to make for seminars, live events, programs or conferences.


  1. We use cookies to differentiate between you and other users of our webpage (that is if you are a regular reader).