Famous Celebrity Homes

Billy Joel

WIth a house facing a vast blue stretch of ocean and buffeted by the salt-smelling ocean breeze, it’s no wonder tha Billy Joel can make such beautiful songs. If it were up to us, we’d hold on to such a property for dear life, but alas giants in the music industry don’t seem to hold the same sentiments normal humans who struggle to pay their mortgage do – he’s recently sold this magnificent beachside villa to live somewhere else.

Nevertheless, it’s a breathtaking place, with 5, 500 square feet and a cathedral-style ceiling in the living room, a brick fireplace, and double-doors everywhere letting in the breeze from the beach. It also has a 180-degree view of the ocean, with couches positioned to catch that particular vista. The piano room would be ringing with Joel’s musical performances, and the breeze would caress your skin and fill your nose. Man, what a house that was, and a very worthy investment, too. Let’s just hope his sale was something he really wanted to do.