Five Surprising Facts about Whitney Houston You Should Know

Whitney Houston is one of the few music icons that really had large fun base that truly loved her. Even though she is no more, she is remains missed by her fans, family and friends perhaps due the way she impacted their lives through her music. Indeed she touched so many lives and even though she is departed now, her music still keeps her memories living on for many people around the world. Below are some five surprising unknown facts about the legendary America music icon you ought to know:
Her relationship with Bobby Brown
Whitney had a love affair with Bobby Brown against the wishes of her family and she was in deep love with the guy. At one point Whitney claimed that with Bobby, she felt that they came from the same place but sadly for her, her family didn’t want to hear any of this. Revelations are now emerging that in fact Bobby wanted to see Whitney healthy and succeed in life. It is in the public domain that drugs actually destroyed the marriage between Whitney and Bobby. Whitney really struggled in silence for many years with drug addiction and her family or even loved ones did not help her!
Nippy Whitney
Her daddy named her Nippy when she was still young and there is a reason behind this name. When Whitney was still just a new born, she would kick the heavy blanket she was covered with off her body at night. She would then wake up in the middle of the night feeling cold and cry out loud. Her dad thus named her nippy because she did kick the blanket off making her cold and then cry. Her dad would then tell her “Nippy, seldom right”.
She was a queen of the billboard chart
It is not common to find even the most established musician claiming 11 number one hits in their careers but Whitney did. Her music career was very successful and in fact she is the only female singer in the US to have seven consecutive hits between 1985 and 1988. Her bodyguard soundtrack went on to stay on number one slot for 20 consecutive weeks.
Teen model
Even before Whitney became a pop singer she was a teen model. She is the very first black American woman to be featured on the cover of Seventeen Magazine. The other notable magazines she appeared in include glamour and Cosmopolitan magazines.
Her interview with Diane Sawyer
Whitney’s famous interview with Diane Sawyer is perhaps the most rated interview in the history of television. In the interview, she made some controversial comments regarding using crack. Like she said that crack is very cheap and therefore cannot use it. She went further to claim that she makes so much money to do something that is as cheap as crack! She later on turned and claimed that crack is whack okay! This is against the backdrop of an interview she once had with Oprah Winfrey back in 2009 in which she plainly admitted to using marijuana.