Movie Geeks: 5 Must-Visit Places Made Iconic By Movies

Do you miss traveling? Well, we miss traveling, too. Being stuck at home and watching Netflix all day has made us miss the outside world and experience real life happening. And watching all these movies and seeing where they are set just makes us want to travel more! We are guessing that you also feel the same way and have been mulling on where to go first once Ms. Rona leaves us for good and we are back to normal. Well, if you’re movie geeks like us, we made a list of iconic places you must visit as seen on movies!

Hobbit Village in New Zealand from Lord Of the Rings

The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy is one of the biggest movie franchises in history. And all those mountains and cliffs? They were 100% real and not CGI. All that beautiful scenery can be found in New Zealand. But one thing that really caught the attention of the fans of the movie is the Hobbit Village. And again, they aren’t indoor sets. The Hobbit Village is man-made and has become a tourist spot in the country!

Savoca, Italy from The Godfather

If you haven’t watched The Godfather, seeing this list is definitely a sign telling you to go and watch it. Why? Because it is one of the most iconic movies ever made! This movie is just filled with lines that you can use in life. Savoca, Italy has been a pilgrimage spot by avid fans of the movie. They made sure to visit Bar Vitelli, the Piazza Fossia, and the Church of San Nicolo. If you are a real fan of the movie, you would know what happened in these places.

Skopelos Island from Mamma Mia!

Taking a break from serious movies, let’s jump off to a fun, silly, and heartfelt musical that everyone seems to love — Mamma Mia! And of course, who wouldn’t want to visit “Kalokairi” Island originally named as “Skopelos Island”? Ever since we saw the movie, we just wanted to fly off to Greece and sail to the island and just burst into a song! Have you seen the beaches and the oh-so-blue sea? And let us not forget the hotel!

Notting Hill, England from Notting Hill

Yes, guys! Notting Hill from the movie is a real place and is constantly flocked with tourists — well, before the lockdown happened. But you know what we mean. Anyway, the Portobello Road is the real tourist spot on the block with all the shops seen in the movie as they are! And of course, who would forget the most memorable bookstore that started it all? The bookstore where William Thacker and Anna Scott met. Tourists would come in the shop and just take in the feeling of being inside it. We want to do that too!

Chippewa Square, Savannah from Forrest Gump

One of the most iconic lines from the movie Forrest Gump was the life quote Forrest’s mom told him. Yes, that’s right, the box of chocolates. And this famous line was shot in Chippewa Square located in Savannah, USA. Chippewa Square is still a tourist spot in Savannah as fans would visit to also feel some Forrest Gump vibes. However, the famous park bench was donated and can now be found in the Savannah History Museum. We don’t know about you but once this pandemic ends all around the world and everyone has gained herd immunity, we will definitely book our tickets and fly out and visit one or all of these places. Do you have one iconic movie place in mind?