All Beached Up: Top 5 Best Underrated Beaches In The World

2020 has been a very tough year for all of us and we know how many beach trips have been canceled or postponed due to the pandemic causing travel bans and border lockdowns. And now summer has passed and we are fast approaching the end of the year, it might be time to plan another summer vacation for 2021 with the hopes of it finally pushing through. Well, we are here to present to you our list of 5 underrated beaches in the world that you could come and visit soon. Check these out!

Elba, Italy: Capo Sant’Andrea

If you know your history, you have probably heard the involvement of Elba and Napoleon. Well, this little island can be your next summer vacation destination! Capo Sant’Andrea found in Elba is known for the majestic harmony of the sea and its mountains. Its white sand beach will look very great in your photos and with the water being clear as crystals, you can definitely enjoy seeing the active marine life in that little island.  And if you also love hiking, there are amazing mountains and cliffs you should and can visit. The island’s natural resources are very much well-preserved that is why it will be the best place to get your nature feels.

Dutch Caribbean: Curaçao

We are pretty sure you have already heard and known of Aruba, the most famous beach in the Dutch Caribbean. But we are somehow guessing that you may have heard (but it passed your ears) of Curaçao, another island found in the Dutch Caribbean but seems to be barely visited by tourists. There are a lot of sea activities you can enjoy here such as deep-sea diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing. This island houses about 35 beautiful beaches and it has almost the perfect weather every day of the year and you may even visit this for your Christmas vacation! 

Honduras: West Bay, Roatán

If you are worried about your safety when visiting a foreign place and you want to ensure that everyone will be friendly to you, then you need not worry about visiting the West Bay beach found in Roatán as it is known for these qualities! Soft and white sand, peaceful resorts, and breathtaking views – these some of the adjectives you can use to describe West Bay. Do you love diving or snorkeling? Well, West Bay is also famous for being the 2nd largest coral reef topography in the world and that is definitely something you have to check out!

Georgia: Cucumber Island

Have you always imagined that fantasy photo of being on the beach with horses around you as you walk along the shore during sunset? Then we guess that Cucumber Island is a place that you should visit to make your fantasies come true. This island is pretty much known to be an unfrequented and undisturbed beach that houses wild horses within it just casually roaming the island. With just a ferry ride that would take you almost an hour from St Mary’s Georgia, you can enjoy 28 kilometers of magnificent scenery combined with marshes, woodland, dunes, and wild horses.

Florida: Sombrero Beach

We know that not all of us can afford to go to the Caribbean. And so, we would like to give you an alternative, a beach known to be one of the beaches that will fall close to the beaches in the Caribbean and it can be found in the United States! The Sombrero Beach, sitting in Florida, will give you the Caribbean feels with its white sand, beautiful turquoise water, and palm trees dancing with the wind. Picnics with your pets? That’s very much possible at Sombrero Beach! So, have you thought of where to go next for your vacation with friends and/or families? Well, share this with them to help you decide!