Tops And Bottoms: 5 Leg Day Exercises For Women

We are all highly dependent on the lower parts of our body with our everyday routines, such as walking. That’s why it is important to make sure that you keep your legs and butt fit and strong. However, leg days are usually neglected due to unhealthy views towards common leg day exercises, like running. But we are here to tell you to forget about those negative thoughts about doing leg days and welcome these exercises to keep your lower half strong and looking good. And besides, don’t you want your lower half to look stunning when wearing those skirts, shorts, or bikini bottoms? Read on!

1 Walking Lunges

If you have a big space at home, walking lunges is an exercise you can most definitely do even while just going from one room to another. This exercise targets strengthening the core, hips, and leg muscles. This is also an ideal exercise to activate your glutes achieving that well-toned look.

2 Lateral Lunges With Balance

To complete the overall well-rounded and toned look in your lower half, the lateral lunges are the way to go as it targets your inner and outer thighs. Lateral lunges with balance help in developing stability and balance. It also strengthens your legs. To ensure proper execution, keep the extended leg straight.

3 Goblet Squat

We know that when you hear squats, you can immediately associate it with toned legs and firm butts. Squats are probably considered as a fitness favorite and we believe that it deserves the recognition. However, the more you do it, the easier it gets. Our solution for this dilemma is goblet squats, wherein you slowly go down into the squat position as this added tension due to the time can increase the amount of energy burned and muscle engagement.

4 Calf Raises

Calf raises focuses on your calves – as evidently shown in its name. The goal of this exercise is to stabilize and strengthen your ankle and feet, increase your speed, and lessen your injuries. For better results and proper execution, you may do calf raises slowly and hold the raised position for around a second or two.

5 Hamstring Curl

With the help of the fitball, hamstring curls will effectively target your hamstrings, core, and your balance. If you are unfamiliar with this exercise, this can be done by laying on the floor or on your yoga mat with your arms and palms flat on the floor. Your legs must be fully extended with your feet and ankle resting on the fitball. Slowly bring the fitball closer to you as you lift your hips from the floor and mat. Hold the position for a second and slowly push the ball away.