Awesome dog breeds for families

Dogs are good pets, but not every dog will perfectly fit in your family as a member. While out to acquire a pet, everyone desires a nice lovely dog that they would love as it returns the love back. However, different dog breeds have different characters and for this reason one has to carefully select that breed that would perfectly meet the reasons for acquiring the dog. In a family set up, these breeds of dogs would perfectly blend in as interesting company and a friend.
If you are looking for an affectionate, gentle, loyal and a quite dog then the Visszla would be ideal for you. This breed of dog is a mix of beauty and good character and they are always eager to learn. It spends most of its time indoors with the family and to keep it you need a slightly specious house. They are originally from the middle-Europe where they were used for hunting. They are very energetic and they need a lot of exercise and while going out for your morning or evening joggings you can carry it along.
The newfoundland are very large giants who have an unconditional love to children. They are also very energetic and they require a relatively spacious environment for survival and play. The newfoundland is a very protective pet who tries to keep its pack members safe. They drool and shed a lot and since they are covered in thick fur, they need to be regularly washed. But generally, they are friendly, gigantic dogs who can perfectly blend in your family as a pet.
Bichon Frise
For those who love small pets, the Bichon Frise would perfectly met your every expectation as a dog. These cute dogs are covered in a nice, white puffy coat and despite their small sizes, they are very active and energy filled. They are also very friendly to man. They are very easy to train and since they are small they love staying indoors.
Just like the Bichon Frise, the Dachshund is also a small and a lovable pet. Regardless of its size, it is a very protective breed and an excellent watchdog. They have powerful sniffing capabilities and this makes them ideal for hunting and tracking by sniffing. They get too attached to the owners, but aggressive around strangers.
Irish Setter
Irish Setters are very energetic and playful breeds, ideal for families with spacious compounds and yards. They get along well with children and they’ll always be found where children are playing. They however have a short lifespan and they hardly grow past 15 years.
Bull dog
The bull dog is a fairly popular pet to several people and this s attributed to its sturdy and energetic physique. This coupled with its friendliness and attachment to man, a lot of people find it as an awesome company. They are very flexible too and whether you live in a small apartment or a spacious environment, they’ll always be comfortable.