Benefits of Weight Training

For most people, weight training is often associated with large chests and bulky muscles. What people do not know however is that weight training has way more benefits that simple muscle building and bulking up. Just like other forms of exercise such as jogging, running and yoga, weight training has significant impacts on the health of an individual. Below are some of the reasons you may need to consider weight training for your health.
It Strengthens and Keeps Bones Healthy
One of the notable benefits of weight training is that it is crucial for strengthening bones. Bones, just like the brain need proper exercise to stay in perfect condition. The resistance provided by weight training applies force on bones that helps in keeping them strong. Bone density begins to diminish by the time a person reaches the age of 30. This gradual decrease in bone mass can be slowed down by adopting weight training sessions. By subjecting the bones to weight training, they adapt to the forces for survival. This as a result makes them stronger and boosts their density.
Keeps Off Diseases
Studies indicate that weight training is an efficient way of preventing certain diseases. Type 2 diabetes is one of the conditions that can be controlled or reversed through weight training. Weight training is energy intensive and as such aids in the reduction of blood sugar levels. It is also a great way to burn calories and minimize the symptoms of diabetes. Cardiovascular health benefits significantly from weight training. By burning calories, weight training opens up clogged blood vessels. It therefore follows that the heart doesn’t have to work as hard to support circulation. It has also been suggested that weight training is good for mental health.
Boosts Metabolism
Proper metabolism is crucial to a person’s health. By enhancing metabolism therefore, weight training is quite essential for keeping a person in perfect health. Weight training achieves increased metabolism in a number of ways. One way is through building muscle mass. Muscle mass is important to the rate of metabolism in the body. Weight training is also noted to burn more fat as it needs more energy, a process that raises metabolism considerably.
Weight Loss
Weight training is among the most efficient and most common weight loss strategies. While building muscle mass, weight loss helps in the burning of body fat and in boosting metabolism. This is very important to the weight loss process. What makes weight training even more ideal is the fact that it achieves the results relatively fast and tones the body in the process.
Enhances sleep, mood and Energy Levels
Since weight training uses a lot of energy, a person needs to have an adequate amount of rest to recover from training sessions. The training is therefore a great sleep enhancer. Proper sleep helps in the release of feel-good hormones that are vital for good moods. Weight training is a booster of energy levels as well.
Several other benefits such as boosted confidence and enhanced looks are also worth mentioning.