Best Practices to Avoid Diabetes

Best Practices to Avoid Diabetes

Suffering from diabetes is a nightmare that no one wants to live through. In order to successfully avoid it, you need to figure out a way of keeping all the risk factors at bay. Since it is a lifestyle disease, avoiding diabetes is pretty simple. It is however important to note that type one diabetes is not preventable given the fact it is a genetic condition. There are a diverse range of risk factors that can trigger diabetes. Coming up with a prevention plan needs proper knowledge of the risk factors and how to effectively steer away from each and every one of them.

Excess body weight is among the top diabetes risk factors. An individual with a Body Mass Index (BMI) that exceeds 25 is more at risk of getting diabetes. The waist measurement is another factor that plays a role in determining how vulnerable you are to the condition, especially for women. For women, a waist measurement that exceeds 80cm is risky while for the men it is 90cm. If you are planning on avoiding diabetes, it is thus important to cut down on your body weight. Set your weight loss goals right and work towards achieving them. There are several effective weight loss strategies that you can opt for to lose weight successfully.

A considerable number of those that have diabetes live a sedentary lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle is as a matter of fact one of the reasons the condition is more prevalent. Increasing the amount of physical activity you engage in daily minimizes your risk of suffering diabetes significantly. Exercising is a brilliant way of boosting your physical activity. Besides helping you in your weight loss objectives, exercise is a great way of keeping your blood sugar in the right levels. Although a gym is the ideal place to exercise as it offers the equipment you need for a variety of exercises, you can also have an adequate amount of exercise without one. You can go for morning runs, evening walks or various other body exercises.

Adopting a healthy diet is another lifestyle change that can help you avoid diabetes. Eating lots of calories and fatty foods exposes you to higher risks of acquiring diabetes. As part of avoiding diabetes therefore, you need to ensure that your diet contains very little of these substances. Avoid foods that contain saturated fats and opt for low fat alternatives. Increase your intake of foods high in fiber content. Fiber has been proven to be effective in controlling blood sugar, thereby aiding in the prevention of diabetes. Drinks that contain artificial sweeteners such as soda put you in serious risk of catching diabetes and as such need to be avoided as much as possible. Instead of soda, you should opt for milk or other daily products. you should also substitute red meat for white meat.

Carefully observing the above practices is sure to help you avoid diabetes. They are also beneficial as they promote healthy living and facilitate proper cardiac health.