Bizarre Occurrences Occasioned by Full Moon

There are lots and varied myths surrounding full moon that has been around since ancient times. For many centuries there has been belief that the full moon can affect people’s state of mind, their fertility rates, as well as crime rates. Even though most of the time most people usually dismiss these claims to lack any substance, science now shows that a full moon can indeed cause bizarre things to occur.
Here below are some bizarre occurrences that have been proven to happen because there was a full moon up in the sky out there.
A rise in crime rates
Records show crime rates high when there is full moon than days when there is no moon. Experts agree that during periods of full moon more people tend to be more active at night. With that extra light at night more people both the innocent and the criminals are more active. With this mix there certainly won’t be a great experience especially for the innocent people going about their businesses. Criminals are more likely to attack unsuspecting people they come in contact with at night. This however usually occurs by chance due to the increased activity of people during full moon. It is also during full moon that cases of women being sexually abused are reported the most. Most accidents and injuries are also more commonly reported during periods of full moon than any other time.
People’s sleep tend to be affected during full moon periods
If you find yourself turning and tossing more on your bed at night then it may be the full moon to blame. It is a strange sleep connection that has also been published in a journal called Current Biology. A research was conducted in which participants were placed in a sleep lab where they had no access to clocks or outside lights. At the end of the study, it was noted that during full moon, the participants took five minutes more to fall asleep and even woke up twenty minutes early! And this was despite the fact that the participants were oblivious of the happenings of the moon.
Full moon may change your moods
Even though the lunatic moon theory has long been debunked, still some findings show that the full moon can put you a little bit off. Not all scientists agree to this notion but others claim that during the full moon more people especially women have a tendency to feel blue.
Success in surgery results
There are claims that connect the full moon and success in surgery results. Researchers have found out that many patients who have had emergency heart surgeries when the moon was full experienced shorter hospital stays. It is interesting to note that the research claims that such patients are usually less likely to die than those who have their surgeries on other days. So perhaps if you may be going for heart surgery during the full moon, then you can bet you may come out of it successful!