We’re all dependent on technology is probably the biggest understatement of the century; the truth is we’re all addicted to it. It’s hard to imagine ourselves functioning sanely without internet or calculators or our mobile phones, and the more we fret on it, the more advanced technology becomes. The casino business is somewhat the same; in the need to improve it more, we need to make room for technology in the marketing plans and business strategies.

Influence of technology on casino industry:

Technology’s effect on the world in the most recent five years has been critical, particularly in casino loyalty and development. By a long shot, the utilization of BIM opens up energizing better approaches for working in the casino showcase for all colleagues, for example, designing in 3D and not depending on 2D Plans. Building a virtual venture in 3D preceding getting things started. Secondly 4D booking/time empowered by the BIM models. 5D -cost control- amounts are taken straightforwardly from the BIM models, and cost variables are connected with a database to the BIM models.

Moreover, communicating the outline with all partners with new advanced apparatuses, video conferencing and Smart Boards spare time and cash for gatherings, and permit all members to see the 3D virtual working in a live setting, and include remarks with realistic instruments in a virtual gathering setting.

Importance of technology on marketing strategy:

Since now everything in the world is mobile based, the marketing planners need to understand that people hardly have the time to open up their laptops and visit your website, thus a mobile-friendly version is all you need. In the casino design, you need to provide your clients with a wide variety of options and a lot of entertainment choices, which is probably your first step to bonding. While at the casino, a customer might want to multitask, so you need to provide them with such options, which is also called the customer relationship marketing.

Mobile Apps for casino industry:

According to authentic studies and many statistics, mobile gaming has rose by 75% in 2012 and up to 84% in 2015, researchers prove that it is to increase further more in the near future. Such figures prove how the demand for mobile apps has increased overtime, thus the inclination of mobile apps holds great importance when it comes to the marketing plans. It is all about facilitating your clients more and more.

Customer loyalty and reward programs:

To appreciate the bond that has been made between the casino board and the clients, it is important to issue loyalty rewards to them. The mobile development apps need to be designed in such a way that persuades newer clients to get involved in the casino industry. The casino industry needs to realize that using top technology for their mobile apps and facilitating their customers’ needs to be among the major points in their marketing plans to ensure a larger customer base and make room for improvements; after all, it’s all about mobile phones!