Everybody Love Dogs, But There Is Something Special About The Akita

Akita is a large dog breed that is extremely popular as a friendly house dog. However, you will need to provide a thorough training to them in order to make them friendly and loyal. Owning an Akita dog delivers a unique experience to the owners and it is not like just owning any other dog. It can also be considered as an aggressive dog breed that is domineering by nature. As a result, they would try to take control of household as well. If you are looking forward to own an Akita, you should do your homework due to their unique characteristics.

As mentioned earlier, Akita dogs are aggressive by nature. Therefore, these dogs require extensive socialization when they are small. It would be better to introduce Akita dogs to other dog breeds when they are young. Sometimes these dogs might mistakenly assume playfulness as an attack or a threat. Therefore, the owners should counter this by offering a proper training.

Akita dogs are equipped with some wonderful qualities as well. For example, these dogs are extremely loyal to their pack. In fact, this inbred loyalty of the Akita dogs make them aggressive when they come into contact with other dogs. These dogs are extremely territorial as well. As a result, the Akita dogs would not mix well with other dog breeds. If you introduce an Akita dog to your home, it would establish the position as pack leader within a short period of time. Therefore, people who get Akita dogs should pay special attention towards training. During the training process, you need to make sure that these dogs recognize the owner and family members above the pack hierarchy. Then you and your family members will get the opportunity to receive excellent benefits in the long run.

You will have to spend a lot of time as well as effort in order to socialize Akita dogs when they are young. In fact, many people who get Akita dogs fail to train them. If you don’t have an excellent training plan in place, you should not even think about bringing an Akita home. You will have to spend a considerable percentage of your time on dog training. You should also do some serious research about the dog breed before you commit yourself to get a one.

A well trained Akita dog can be considered as an excellent companion for your life. These dogs are extremely playful and loyal. You will also find it as an easy task to look after these dogs after the training process. However, you need to keep in mind that Akita is not a dog breed that you can take to public parks. They become aggressive when they see strange people and other dogs. As you can see, Akita dogs require a lot of training and you should have a proper training plan before you welcome an Akita home. However, the training you offer can be considered as an excellent investment done towards the future.