Facts about Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga, who is also known as Vangelia Gusterova was born on 31st January, 1911 in Yugoslovia. She became world famous for her prophecies. In fact, she has the ability to foretell the future and most of her predictions have become true. Therefore, people started calling her as the bearer of good news.

Baba Vanga didn’t have the best childhood. At the age of three, her mother and father went to the First World War and she had a very lonely childhood. When she turned 7, her father remarried. Few years later, they moved to Novo Selo, where Baba Vanga had to face the most unfortunate event in her life. She had to face a dreadful storm when she went to the Khan foundation along with some cousins. This storm took Baba Vanga 2km inside the crop fields. From dust and dirt of the storm, she could not open her eyes. Several operations were then conducted to help her regain the lost vision, but all of them were unsuccessful. When Baba Vanga turned 18, she came back to her home in order to look after her brothers and sisters.

The foretelling abilities of Baba Vanga became famous during the late 50s. Various studies were conducted about the predictions she made. According to the results of these studies, more than 80% of the predictions that she made became true. Baba Vanga has once said that she got these prophet abilities through an invisible creates. When somebody stands in front of Baba Vanga, she had the ability to see that person’s life from birth to death like a movie.

Baba Vanga was not only famous for her foretelling capabilities. She even had the ability to help people heal from various illnesses. In fact, she was popular at that time as a natural healer because she only used herbal medicines. She has also stated that people should only stick to natural spices and herbs in order to live a life without any illnesses.

The beginning of World War 2, the riots of Lebanon in 1968, the breakup of Czechoslovakia, the death of Tsar Boris 3, the election of Indira Gandhi and her death, the USA attacks on 9/11, the death of Stalin, the disaster of Russian submarine named “Kursk” and the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl are some of the best predictions that she made in her life. She has also made predictions about the end of the world.