Flying Solo: Must-Visit Destinations While You Are Still Single

You have probably dreamt of going on trips with a significant other by your side after seeing so many couples on social media posting about their travels together. However, as much as it is fun and romantic to travel with a significant other, it is much more fulfilling to travel alone or with friends while you are still part of the “single hearts” club. There is much more room for opportunities for growth and meeting more people. So whether you are on your way to doing an “Eat, Pray, Love” or just finally coloring those long drawn plans, consider going to these places while you are still single.

#1 Ibiza or Seville, Spain

Both these cities found in Spain are perfect destinations for traveling alone or traveling with a limited number of trusted and best friends. Ibiza and Seville both embrace a very social culture and just about ready to party anytime, anywhere. You would not even have to worry about not planning anything for the day because a party may just be around the corner and you will be staying up all night until the morning sun.

#2 Bangkok, Thailand

This certain city in Thailand is believed to be the “concrete jungle of the East”. And since Bangkok is also filled with tourists, you will come across different nationalities and personalities making socializing easy. And if you have seen The Hangover Part II, the events in the movie might just happen to you, who knows. And if you want that to happen, might as well visit Bangkok with friends.

#3 Buffalo, New York

If you are into “chill” drinking, especially when it comes to socializing, then this city may just be for you! Buffalo ranks second in size compared to the cities of the state of New York. This city is filled with locals who will casually invite you to their table when they spot you alone. Most of all, they won’t let you go to chat some more until the bar closes. Definitely, this is a place to visit when flying solo.

#4 Miami, Florida

As you have probably seen in a lot of movies, this city is filled with single beings who are ready to drop everything, party hard, and get drunk! Once you hit the famous South Beach, you will be presented with a strip of nightclubs featuring great DJs. If you want to go salsa dancing, you can surely see salsa bars along with those nightclubs. A perfect place to look for a summer fling or one night stands while you are single, right?

#5 Paris, France

Yes, we did not forget the city of love, Paris. We know this city has been featured in a lot of shows and movies, featuring a lone lead character falling in love with the city, the clothes, the food, the culture, and of course, the people. Ah, the people – the French – who are known to be the best lovers in the world. And why wouldn’t they be known as such, they made the French Kiss after all. Besides, imagine flirting while taking in the sights or enjoying the food! No wonder most will tell you to make sure you are single when you visit. Don’t these destinations just make you feel excited or want to be single?