ForTheGram: 5 Best Instagram-Worthy Spots In The World

In this generation, sharing photos with the world has become one of the best ways to express one’s self and personality. That is why Instagram is ranked as the 2nd most popular social media application in the U.S. and ranked 6th in the world as of July 2020. And if you are one of the most active users on Instagram, then you must be thinking of where you could take your next “For the Gram” travel photo. In this article, we have listed out some of the 5 best Instagram worthy spots in the world that you should visit. Check these out!

Greece: Santorini

Going for that Greek islander fashion on your next trip? Then Greece, specifically in Santorini, has to be one of your top picks for your next IG shoot! With the beaches and the architecture of the place, well, you will definitely look like you are on your way to experience a Mamma Mia or The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants vibe going on your photos. Throw in some foodie photoshoots and your feed will look absolutely stunning!

New Zealand: Lake Tekapo

If your feed is all about the country life or a very scenic nature, then visiting Lake Tekapo in New Zealand will surely add to the natural beauty found in your feed. You and your viewers will surely love the mix of nature’s blue and green as you are surrounded by mountains and trees with a clear blue sky and lake. A small picnic set-up kind of shoot will probably look so cute, too!

Canada: Toronto

Are you the artsy type of Instagram poster and looking for more artsy and colorful places to add to your artistic feed? Well, if you visit Toronto, you will have a lot of art-filled choices to take your photos from! You can find here a 1-kilometer strip of the famous Graffiti Alley and we know that you can never go wrong on graffitis as your background. And plus, if you love pink so much, you should definitely visit June Callwood Park for everything in that park is pink!

Spain: Ibiza

Speaking of all things pink, the “Bikini Hotel” in Ibiza is another place to go to and check out. Wherever you put your eyes on, you will see pink! And for all the beach lovers out there with their feed full of beach and bikini shots, the island of Ibiza is a pick for you. The island is filled with amazing beaches that would definitely look good in your feed. 

Rome: Trevi Fountain

Rome is known to be one of the most romantic cities in Italy which is why it is definitely an Instagrammable place for you! Its architectures, museums, and food are your best bets to feature in your Instagram feed. However, one thing that you must not miss out and should definitely dress up for is the beautiful Trevi Fountain. Whatever angle or time of the day you choose to take your shot, you will still surely take a picture-perfect output with your camera! We are super excited to see your photos in these places. So go on and book your flights to them for your #ForTheGram photos!