Furry Adventures: 5 Foods You And Your Dog Can Share

One common thing that dog owners face every day is sneaking around to have a snack. Are we right? Because can you actually stand seeing your dogs looking at you with eyes practically telling you to have whatever snack you are having? Don’t even get us started when you are actually having a bar of chocolate or chocolate ice cream. There is a lot of food you want for yourself but will have to guiltily consume because your baby can’t share it with you. Lucky for you, we are about to share 5 snacks you can definitely eat guilt-free and share with your dog. Let’s go!

#1 Peanut Butter Cookie Treats

If you are someone who absolutely adores peanut butter, then you are in luck! Peanut butter is said to be good for your furry babies. With this treat, you can just lounge with your dog and pop these delectables into your mouths. Peanut butter cookie treats are made just like any other cookies but with only four ingredients – whole-wheat flour, baking powder, natural peanut butter, and low-fat milk. Mix these together and you’ve got yourself a treat!

#2 Fruit Salad

We all know how fruits are healthy for us. It definitely is also not a shock to know that they are good for our fur babies as well! And the more fruits, the better. You know how salads work, right? Usually, you just mix raw ingredients together and serve. This is definitely how this snack for you and your dog works. Just mix up some fruits that you both love in a bowl and enjoy!

#3 Cooked Vegetables

If you are someone who loves vegetables and has no problem eating them, then you must be thrilled to know that there are vegetables that are safe for your dogs. You just have to make sure that a little boiling or steaming is done. Green beans, asparagus, hard winter and butternut squash, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, spinach, potatoes, and other leafy greens are safe for your dog to consume. Just boil or steam them, cool, and serve!

#4 Pasta… Plain Pasta

Do you plan on eating Italian food for dinner or just have it as a snack? Some pasta perhaps? Like carbonara or pesto or alfredo – you got the gist. What if we tell you that pasta is also safe for your pooch to consume? Well, it is! Pasta is safe for your dogs – plain pasta, that is. Just serve your dog some plain pasta while you’re eating the pasta recipe of your choice and you both have just gone Italian for the day!

#5 Eggs

One of the most common staple foods we have is – that’s right! Eggs. Eggs are easy to find and very easy to cook. Aren’t you lucky to know that they are safe to eat by your fur babies, too? All you have to do is crack up an egg, scramble it up, and cook in a pan. No need to add salt and pepper for your dog though. But if you want some taste in your eggs, you can cook another set for yourself. At least you have the same dish, right? Did we serve up some variety of food ideas you can enjoy with your dog? Well, we are about to serve ours with those, too