Glamped-Up: 5 Must-Visit “Glamping” Locations

When we hear the word “camping” it will remind you of bringing your own tent, some camping supplies, packed meals, and sleeping in the great outdoors. It could sound fun for others, but we know that a number of you are not exactly fond of the idea of camping. Well, maybe you should try glamorous camping instead or what we call “glamping”. It is the combination of being close to nature while having the same conveniences offered to you by the site staff, and it also focuses on the aesthetic side of camp adventures. Here are some great glamping destinations for your next getaway with family or friends!

1 Wild Lotus Camp in Antigua

This glamping site is owned by a family. This site houses aesthetically pleasing tents located around Valley Church Beach. The scenery is located inside a vast private garden which means that the site is surrounded by flowers and a lot of plants. The site is equipped with high-tech recreational devices. They also have a romantic dining experience and offer a lot of activities like snorkeling, treks. And the highlight of it all… they give their guests a chance to watch sea turtles hatch in season. The overall theme of this site is a by-the-beach glamping.

2 Nayomi Sanctuary Resort in the Philippines

This one is located in Batangas, Philippines. It boasts a great view of the famous Taal Lake, a volcano in the middle of a lake which became a tourist attraction for its surreal scenery. This glamping site offers a unique experience of the lake perfect for romantic by-the-sunset picnics featuring a great view of one of nature’s wonders. The Nayomi Sanctuary is mostly known for its Glamping Bell Tent which includes the tent itself, comfortable double bed with pillows and blankets, a power outlet and use of electric fan and mosquito zapper, bathroom access, free breakfast, and much more!

3 Aetas Glamping in El Nido, Palawan

This is another glamping site you can find in the Philippines but definitely much further from the hustle and bustle of the crowded capital, Manila. The Aetas Glamping is found in the province of Palawan. This glamping experience features the unique culture of the ethnic people which is showcased in the tents and the other aesthetic themes of the site. It is situated near the peak of the mountains of El Nido, which is perfect for the sunsets in the town, which is a view to die for.

4 Eastwind Hotel & Bar in Windham, New York

This glamping site is the perfect fusion of the lux city life and the scenic and refreshing vibes of nature. It features high-end recreational devices and appliances as it is beside another lavishing stand-alone hotel. People who are glamping in this site could also access the hotel’s posh and lavish amenities. They also feature a lot of both sea and land activities. The glamping site is taken in the most luxe way possible, and is perfect for people who look for a picture perfect aesthetic while having a great time.

5 The Sandy Pines Campground in Kennebunkport, Maine

Now, out of all the featured glamping sites, this one is by far the glamping site with a lot of varieties. It has a lot of variety in terms of the kind of accommodation you want. It also features different themes fit to your aesthetic depending on the kind of tent you choose. Aside from several themes, it also features a resort-vibe camping because it boasts swimming pools as one of its main amenities. Don’t forget to visit their Grand Lodge and their General Store as these are glamping features like no other! These glamping sites are definitely a game changer for those who hate camping! And for the people who love camping, you just might love it even more!