How to prevent heart diseases

The current generation is faced by a lot of lifestyle diseases and heart conditions are very common. In America, the cardiovascular diseases are a major cause of death and they account for around 34 % of the deaths that occur in the country annually. There are several modifiable risk factors to cardiovascular diseases and with the following tips you can help prevent yourself from these conditions.

  1. Limit your calories

Obesity is a major predisposing factor to heart conditions and those with obesity are likely to suffer heart conditions. The prevalence rates of obesity are currently alarming globally contributing to a near epidemic of type 2 diabetes.  Obesity comes as a result of consuming more calories than your body can burn and this means that by controlling the amount of calories you take, you can easily keep obesity at bay thereby reducing your chances of suffering a cardiovascular disorder.

  1. Embrace and make exercise a daily routine

Sedentary lifestyle is a contributing factor to the obesity epidemic and a lot of people who have obesity have histories of leading a sedentary lifestyle.  Besides just burning calories, exercise also activates the genes that are beneficial to the heart and blood vessels. Moreover, it also helps in treating depression and anxiety that would predispose one to a heart disease.  If perfectly combined with a healthy diet, exercise helps in preventing the obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Reduce stress

A lot of people have suffered heart attacks and sudden death just because of psychological stress. This is an aspect of health that many people overlook but it has great impacts on our general health. There are several ways of reducing stress and save your heart an extra disease it is always important that we keep ourselves away from everything that would subject us into stress.

  1. Proper control of triglyceride and cholesterol level

High levels of cholesterol and triglyceride in the body are major predisposing factors to cardiovascular disorders since they clog the arteries. There are majorly two types of lipids in the body; the low density lipoproteins which are bad to the body and the high density lipoproteins which are good to health. It is recommended that the low density lipoproteins should be kept at less than 100mg/dl in the body.  This can be achieved by eating fiber rich foods and exercise.

  1. Regularly monitor your blood pressure

High blood pressure is very common with many people today and it is a silent killer since in most individuals it goes without any symptoms. Long standing high blood pressures damage the inner lining of the blood vessels and increases your chances of suffering stroke.  High blood pressure is very manageable and the earlier it is discovered the better the prognosis. It is therefore very important to monitor you blood pressure regularly.


  1. Avoid smoking

Almost 20% of the world population smoke and most people only relate smoking to lung conditions more to this. Every cigar rate you take drags you closer to a cardiovascular diseases since it raises your blood pressures, speeds up you heart rate and makes blood easily clot.