Interesting Things about Cats You Should Know About

Cats are by far one of the most popular pets that you will find in almost every household all over the world. Cats are super cute and easily blend with people therefore many people prefer to keep them as their pets for their non aggressive behavior towards people. The domestic cat shares the same family with other wild cats which includes; bobcat, lion, tiger, leopard, cheetah, and jaguar.
It is estimated that there are many domestic cats all around the world with some estimates putting the number at around 500 million! Some people keep cats as their pets and also to help keep other house pests such as geckos, rats and spiders at bay! Yes, cats are the best deterrent against pests like rats and geckos. Cats kill rats and mice and therefore if your house is infested with rats that destroy your property perhaps you may need to keep a cat.
The cat is said to be able to see well at night than at day and this can be explained with the fact that during the day the cat’s pupil is narrow while at night is appears dilated. This makes them great hunters at night when they can easily track and catch nocturnal pests like rats and mice. Cats are also very good in fighting snakes and will put up great fights even with lethal snakes. A home that has cats will not be so welcoming to snakes. This means that people who abhor snakes can keep cats in their homes to help steer snakes clear of their homes.
Cats like it when they are clean and will do everything to remain clean at all times. This makes them distinct from other pets including dogs who can sometime not mind about being dirty. Cats love themselves and prefer to keep off dirt and dirty objects in order to remain tidy at all times.
Cats have had a special relationship with humans for quite a long time and it is estimated to be nearly 10,000 years. To help them conserve energy, cats usually sleep for an average of 13 to 14 hours every day. Did you know that a male cat is called a Tom? A group of cats is called a clowder and a female cat is called a molly or queen. The young one of a cat is called a kitten.
Cats like to drink lots of milk and it doesn’t matter even if a cat is adult it will still drink milk like puppy! Well, talking about the cat’s favorite dish? Cats like to eat fish and so if you are going to keep a pet cat you may need to put through proper training to save you the headache of your fish being stolen in the odd hours of the night.
Cats can live longer than you can imagine and on average domestic cats have lived to a maximum of 15 years. Isn’t this too long than you imagined cats could live?