Mentally ill ‘Human Ken Doll

Different people have different desires and fantasies. You cannot judge the sexual orientation of a person by the external looks of him/her. There have been a lot of controversies with regard to the latest trends of transplant and plastic surgeries. This article is an extension on the world famous “human ken doll”.

Justin Jedilica has been trying to take the look similar to Ken Doll, which is totally crazy. He has actually done more than 150 cosmetic surgeries in order to fulfill his desire of looking similar to Ken Doll. He has also been subjected to 5 nose jobs within his 33 year old life career. The latest news on him is that he was admitted to the hospital after his nose began to rot gradually.

This has proven to be a mental illness which most of the gay looking men have. This metal condition is known as a body dysmorphic disorder or dysmorphophobia, which makes a person obsessed over a certain character or a type of physical appearance. These types of people end up doing dozens of plastic surgeries to get the perceived physical look on their faces. It should also be noted that they never get satisfied with what they get. This exact reason brings them trouble. This was the case with the “human ken doll” as well. He was never satisfied with his looks. He wanted every pixel of his face to look like the original Ken Doll. But he ended up in the hospital with a rotten nose. He had spent an unbelievable amount of $400,000 on the plastic surgeries. This has been reported as the highest collective amount spent on plastic surgeries. There have been a lot of similar characters within the recent past.

They suspect the cause for this rotten nose to be the surgery which he did three months prior to this incident. They revealed this condition when they saw a hole which appeared on top of the left ala of his nose. Then reason for this hole was a low supply of blood flow to that particular tissue. This condition is either due to an injury, a chemical malfunctioning or an exposure to radiation. There is a risk of necrosis spreading all over the body if large areas of tissue are being blocked to the flow of blood. He is currently being treated in Spain with the best surgeons available.

He was initially paired with Valeria Lukyanova who was a Russian woman with similar desires to him. She had done plastic surgeries to get the look of the world famous Barbie Doll. There was no such romance between the pair. Jedilica was not being attracted to opposite sex, where he was being attracted to men. He ended up marrying a wealthy man. His husband sponsors him for most of his surgeries. He denies that fact that he is suffering from a mental illness. He believes that what he does is through a plastic surgery is exploring his creativity just like the fashion stars do.