Pokémon Go has Health Benefits


Who could’ve imagined that a game could have health benefits? It might sound strange but the truth is and has been proved by the players that a game- a video game has the tendency to benefit the video gamers in terms of health.

Pokémon Go, a free-to-play mobile game that brings to light two dimensions: reality and fantasy, has health benefits. Besides the fact that it gives you time to relax and the chance to engage with the world; the game has concrete mental and physical benefits that you can gain from.

Too much walking: For those who have played the game, you know that the game requires you to walk, walk and walk! The game is a mix of screen and physical fun. Also, walking is good for health. Generally, a 30-minute walk is considered to be helpful; so walking more than that would add up to the development of your physical health. Additionally, walking will help you to learn about places that you have never taken notice of.

Get to breathe fresh air and have sunlight: There were recent studies that concluded that individuals who spend time on their screens minimize their time that they can spend outside. But, Pokémon Go has reversed this and now although individuals are glued to their screens but they still go out to inhale fresh air and absorb the natural light that is beneficial for growth.

It is knowledgeable: The game provides you with historical knowledge that you get when you stop at each station for Pokéballs; you are actually stopping at historical sites and landmarks. These places are small sources of information that add up to your knowledge.

However, this might apparently not sound as a health benefit but in actuality it is. The reason is that when you continuously engage your mind in receiving knowledge, you are actually working towards keeping it active and once that is achieved, your mind stays healthy. Also, the benefit is to the extent that it reduces the risk of dementia.

Increases social interaction: Alienation and separation are the two worst causes that play a role in deteriorating the minds of the people. The lifestyle that has been set now has led to people distancing themselves from one another but this attitude changed direction when Pokémon Go came into existence.

The game has been helpful in eliminating the gap between people. When players go out in search for Pokémon’s or stop at Pokéstops, they interact with others to get more information or ideas about things related to species, gym training, etc. Also, when you exchange ideas you are able to nourish yourself and progress as a person. This adds to your mental fitness.

A fun break: Who does not need a break from the everyday burdens? Usually, to get their minds off from work, people indulge themselves in eating even if they do not feel hungry. This is not a good habit and this is why it is better if you involve in a game that has a lot to offer.

So, play the game and stay healthy!