Some Bizarre Occurrences around the World You Should Know Of

There are numerous occurrences that have happened in the past that perplexed people until science came with concrete explanations what was behind them. However, there are a number of occurrences that have taken place that even science and scientists still aren’t sure about. There are some that scientists have tried to explain the reasons for happening but still there have not been much evidence provided to back such claims.
Here below we take a look at some of the bizarre occurrences in just our recent past that took humanity by surprise.
The 1962 laughing epidemic of Tanganyika (Now Tanzania)
Back in 1962 when Tanzania was still referred to as Tanganyika the unexpected happened, a girl’s school in the East African country was hit by a bizarre laughing epidemic. What is more perplexing is the fact that when the school was finally closed and the girls sent to their respective homes, they ended up infecting the villagers from whom they hailed from. It ended up becoming a communal epidemic that lasted for close to one year. Many other schools within the affected area were also closed as much as one thousand people were directly affected.
It is even confusing that the cause of the epidemic remains unknown and even though experts have tried to give their scientific explanation of the rare occurrence, they haven’t given comprehensive findings.
Canadian River disappearance
It is reported that a river in Canadian Yukon territory to the Northwest that had been flowing with water for many years simply just ceased to exist. The phenomenon was discovered by a team of geologists from the University of Washington who on realizing why there was no water flowing downriver decided to fly a helicopter to its source. The river is said to have been getting its water from the Kaskawulsh Glacier which is said to be slowly shrinking due to the effects of global warming. According to scientists due to global warming increasing water from the glacier itself are said to have punctured a hole on the glacier something that has rerouted the water that fed the river on a different direction to another river. Now the water that once fed the ‘Slims River’ as it is locally referred is now flowing into the Kaskawulsh River.
Thousands of rats that invade Northeastern India every 48 years
The Indian sub-continent is not new with bizarre occurrences however this one of rats invasion every 48 years is jaw breaking and freaking. There is a rare occurrence in India where thousands of rats come to invade villages in the Mizoram region that borders Myanmar and Bangladesh. Before the rare occurrence took place in 2008, modern scientists dismissed the claims as myth. When a study was conducted to find out where the rats came from, it was established that the rats came from the large bamboo forest in the area. There is a 10,000 square mile bamboo forest nearby that is thought to be harboring the pests that wreck havoc in their wake.