Sweating in sauna might help keep brain healthy

A room which is built which contains extreme dry or heat that for the human body to experience is known as a sauna. There are a variety of saunas of different materials which use different technologies to generate the heat. Anyhow the main object of the sauna is to make the user perspire or sweat. According to many researches sweating will help a person to stay healthy since it releases the toxic build up in the body. Some researchers have showed us that sweating in a sauna might keep the brain healthy.

The main research that showed that sweating in a sauna can be helpful in keeping the brain healthy was conducted at a university in Eastern Finland. The research they conducted include the use of 2300 middle age men and took over 20 years to do.

During the study it was seen that men who went to sauna four to seven times a week were found 66% less likely to be effected by dementia and 65% less likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This was compared to those who only go to the saunas once a week. The research team has taken into consideration the lifestyles such as physical activities, social and economic factors when conducting this study. These factors were proven impartial from the effect of the saunas.

The senior researcher and professor of the study Jari Laukkanen said that the study only showed a close relationship between the sauna and memory disease. These findings had to be generalized with different age groups, women and other nationalities.

There were clear indications that the sauna can be beneficial for not only the heart but also to the brain.

The previous results which showed the benefits of the use of sauna on heart diseases showed, that men who spent time in the sauna for seven days a week were less likely to die of heart problems like strokes and heart attacks comparatively to those who only visit the sauna once a week. The major cause for this is that when in the sauna sweating happens by the increase in heart rate and it is somewhat similar to doing a physical exercise. After the use of a sauna your blood pressure will be lower and blood pressure is one of the main factors that affect the heart and brain. This is the main reason that was found out by the research team how sweating in a sauna keep your brain healthy.