The best places to travel to in 2018

Over the past years, trends in technology and globalization has made the world a small village and there is no doubt that everyone wants to explore different places. Every day, millions of people travel to new destinations to relax, have fun and explore the beauty the world has to offer, but there are destinations to discover and rediscover. If you are planning a holiday trip this year, then consider travelling to these places for additional inspiration and adventure.
Cambodian coast
Cambodia harbors some of the most stunning Asia’s highlands with a beautiful south western coastal region ideal for night swimming and adventurous jungle treks. Due to its turbulent history, the country has just recently opened up to visitors and it is on an upward trend gaining popularity as a holiday spot. The coastal regions has a lot of developments with regards to tourism infrastructure and the Cambodians are so welcoming. This entire region is chilled out with a refreshing atmosphere that you can’t help but fall in to the life.

Cape Town
Cape Town is a South African popular city known for its jaw dropping sceneries, cool old architecture and compelling art and design. Its streets are abuzz with different activities and it offers a fantastic nightlife. It has awesome beaches and mountainous surrounding that’s another variable that adds to the beauty of the town. It has got several luxurious hotels and those passionate about African Art have a lot to explore in the Zeitz Museum.

Honolulu, Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii’s largest city is known for its fantastic beaches and an outstanding scenery. It is a relatively big and cool city located on the Oahu highland. Chinatown is the most visited part of this Honolulu since it has some of the best restaurants in the island. It is also a home of international museums, superb shopping malls, and an extensive variety of entertainment facilities.

With several newly established open air bars, restaurants and arts venues, Belfast is rapidly becoming an attractive spot to a lot of tourists and travelers. Belfast has a lot of interesting places to visit like the waterfront hall, Ulster museum and the botanic gardens. Once a powerful ship building center Belfast has the Titanic Belfast as a tribute to the titanic story since the Titanic was built in this city.

After going through a serious financial crisis, Bermuda is reinventing itself and attracting a new generation of travelers. Bermuda is an Island on the North Atlantic and being a subtropical Island its weather is warm for the better part of the year. If you are looking for an island destination, then there is no doubt that you would fall in love with Bermuda. Although it is a tiny island, Bermuda offers an extensive variety of water and land based activities. It has a lot of stunning beaches and whether you are a fun of horseback riding, kayaking, jet skiing, snorkeling, fishing and a lot more you can have it all at Bermuda.