The Best Roller Coasters In The World

People who love adventures love roller coaster rides. The slap of wind hitting on your face, the feeling of stomach jumping up to your throat and the rush of free fall can deliver a scary experience. Are you curious to know about the scariest roller coasters out there in the world? Here is a list of the scariest roller coasters that you can go for a ride.

  1. Gravity Max – Gravity Max is a scary roller coaster that is located in the Lihpao Land Discovery World, Taiwan. It would slowly take you to a 114 feet lift before it stops at the top. Then it would track off the breaks and flip down at 90 degrees. It would be similar to a 34 story vehicle drop. This roller coaster definitely has the ability to unleash butterflies in your stomach. This can be considered as the only “tilting” roller coaster that you can see in the world.
  2. Full Throttle – The Full Throttle roller coaster is located in Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, Calif. It can also be considered as the tallest vertical roller coaster with a height of 160 feet. This roller coaster has an amazing acceleration as well and you will be travelling at a speed of 66mph within just five seconds. Then it would go right into the record breaking loop and you are guaranteed to have a thrilling experience.
  3. Kingda Ka – The Kingda Ka roller coaster is located in the Six Flags Great Adventure Park, New Jersey. It has a height of 456 feet. Therefore, it can be considered as the tallest roller coaster that you can ride. Kingda Ka is not just popular for its height. It has the ability to achieve a face distorting acceleration of 128mph. When this acceleration is paired with the height, it would definitely take your breath away.
  4. Wicked Twister – The Wicked Twister roller coaster is located in Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio. This can be considered as the largest suspended impulse coaster of the world. It looks something out of a nightmare and only brave people purchase tickets in order to ride it.
  5. Formula Rossa – Formula Rossa can be considered as the scariest roller coaster that you can see in Asia. It is located in the Ferrari World at United Arab Emirates. People who take a ride in this roller coaster are advised not to blink as it can miss a lot of things to them. In other words, Formula Rossa is the fastest roller coaster in the world. It has the ability to cover 1.3 miles within just 90 seconds. Even though you take a quick ride on this roller coaster, you will get the opportunity to have a thrilling experience because of the speed.

If you are looking forward to have an adventurous holiday, you can think about taking a ride in one of these roller coasters. You would never forget the experience you get for the rest of your life.