The Bizarre looking cat breeds on earth

The scariest looking cat breeds on earth

All of us know how passionate we can be about cats. However, those feelings can be twice as intense when we come across scary cat breeds. Here is a list of the scariest cats that you can see on this planet. These cats would definitely stand out from the average cats that can be found in your neighborhood. The size of their limbs, the look of their hair and their body size has contributed a lot towards the bizarre look.

  1. Sphynx – Sphynx can be considered as one of the scariest looking cats that you can see out there in the world. These cats would look slightly creepy or charmingly exotic based on your point of view. Sphynx cats have large eyes when compared to the size of the body. On the other hand, the lack of surrounding fur or eyebrows has contributed a lot towards their strange appearance.
  2. Ukrainian Levkoy – Ukrainian Levkoy cats look similar to Sphynx in some ways. Lack of fur can be considered as the main similarity that can be found in these cats. The large, but narrow eyes that can be found in these cats have delivered a creepy look to them. They also have folded-over ears. Even though these cats have a scary appearance, they are not scary by nature. These cats are friendly and they crave the company of owners.
  3. Cornish Rexes – The distinctive features that you can see in Cornish Rexes have contributed towards their creepy appearance. They have hollow cheeks along with high cheekbones. In addition, these cats are gifted with long legs, small waists, strong chins and long “Roman” noses by nature. This breed of cats also features a stylish selection of colors. Some of those colors deliver a scarier look to them when compared to others.
  4. Scottish Fold – The Scottish Fold cats do not have any ears at all. This unique feature has delivered a scary look to them. However, these cats do have ears, but they are not visible. In other words, the cartilage of ears is folded or creased, which can caused the ear to bend downwards. You will be able to see their ears if you take a closer look at them. Even though Scottish Fold cats have tiny ears, they have been gifted with large and round eyes. If you are looking forward to have a lovable looking cat, this would not be a good option available to consider.
  5. American Curl – This is another scary looking car breed, which you can see in North America. These cats have got their name from the look of their ears. The unique appearance of the ears deliver a strange look to their face and you would not want to see them at midnight.

These are some of the scariest looking cats that you can find out there in the world. Now you know why they look scary.