The king of Thailand

Bhumibol Adulyadej was born on 5th December 1927 in Cambridge city of United States of America and was coroneted as the king of Thailand in the year 1950 as “King of Bhumibol the great”. He was also the ninth monarch of Thailand representing the Chakri Dynasty and was also known as “RAMA the ninth”. His father was Mahidol Adulyadej who was the prince of Songkla and the mother was Srinagarindra. He died on 13th October 2016 at the age of 88 and can be considered the longest reigning monarch in the Thai history. He served the country for 70 long years and 126 days. During this period 30 prime ministers helped him, and the first prime minister under him was the Pridi Banomyong while the last was Prayut Chan-o-cha.

According to the Forbes magazine the king of Bhumibol the great is considered one of the richest royals from 2008 to the year 2013 who owned a total value of USD 30 billion in 2010. According to the reports his wealth during the year 2014 was also the same who again was leading the list.

Later in 2006 Buhmibol suffered from declining health conditions and spent extended periods at the hospital under treatments. He married Sirikit Kitiyakara in the year 1950 and their son Vajiralongkorn was the heir to the throne. However he is not considered popular as his father. Buhmibol is greatly respected and valued by people and many saw him as close to divine which is not the case with the heir. Therefore their leading concerns that monarchy will lose prestige and power after the death of Buhmibol.

His role in political arena is remarkable. During the early stages of his regime he was more a ceremonial figure under a military dominated government. After the resignation of the field marshal on 16th September 1957, Bhumibol imposed martial law throughout the kingdom and this laid the foundation for the development and harmony of the kingdom and the country. In 1992 Bhumibol played a key role in the transition of the Thailand to a more democratic system after a coup returned Thailand under military dictatorship. This led to major internal problems and fear of civil war that was all resolved with the intervention of the Bhumibol.

Bhumibol can be considered one of the greates leaders of all time and people’s respect and love for him is so powerful and strong.