The Leading Causes of Toothaches

Having a toothache can really make you feel miserable. Toothaches are usually so painful that you may even find it difficult to eat or drink. Some causes of the tooth may be due to injuries to the mouth, growing tooth, and other dental related problems. In order to help you get to know some of the most notorious causes of toothache, we have complied for you the common culprits for toothache below:
Inappropriate brushing of teeth
We are usually told to brush regularly in order to keep our teeth and mouth clean. While it is a good thing to brush teeth on a regular basis, proper care should be taken when brushing not to cause damage to the teeth. When you apply too much pressure with a toothbrush on the teeth you could possibly cause inflamed, irritated, or bleeding gums. Now, with continued pressure being exerted on the teeth on a regular basis, the gums will recede and make the teeth unstable thus cause pain. It is best to train how best one needs to brush their teeth and avoid causing damage to their gums by exerting too much pressure there. Using a high quality toothbrush with softer bristles is even better.
Grinding of teeth
Grinding teeth is also a common cause for tooth, jaw, or neck pain. Many people usually grind their teeth even when they don’t know especially when they are asleep. There are those who grind their teeth when they are enduring stressful times. Whatever the reason for a person to grind his/her teeth, doing so excessively can make the jaw to become sore. Excessive grinding of the muscles in the mouth can become overstretched and feel painful to you. The best way to deal with the problem of involuntary teeth grinding especially in children is to use a custom made mouth guard. This will help to relieve the stress and pressure often put on the teeth and jaw during teeth grinding.
Gum disease
Having gum disease can feel very painful and the gums may also bleed. This is often caused when the oral bone or the gums become inflamed due to infection. It is a very serious mouth problem that shouldn’t be left untreated the teeth, the gums and the related bones can severely get damaged.
Tooth abscess
This is also another common cause of tooth ache that can really cause the bearer untold pain. Tooth abscess is usually caused by decaying teeth that are left untreated for a very long time. This is why it is important for you to seek medical attention immediately you have a problem with your tooth and especially if its tooth decay.
Injury to the tooth
Sometimes your teeth may just pain you as a result of an accident or being hit directly during a fight. If proper medical attention is not obtained from a dentist the pain may become unbearable and lead to more serious problems. This is why it is advisable for you to seek immediate medical attention from a qualified dentist when you suffer teeth injury.