The Pool of Death – Deadliest Tourist Attraction In Hawaii

Hawaii despite its recent pool deaths is full of activities and is a beautiful place to have fun. From the sunset cruises, towering waterfalls, exploration of the island in speedsters, off-path travels, Hawaiian paddle sports, Kayak tours, delicious feasting while watching over the ocean, rooftop camping, snorkeling, Haleakala trails, volcano sightseeing and lots more, Hawaii has got you covered. However, as interesting as these activities are, they’ve got the potential to kill as they’ve been found to cause serious injuries and deaths year-in-year-out. Hence, the fact that Hawaii offers an astonishing holiday experience doesn’t mean it’s devoid of some dangers especially when necessary precautions are not taken.

The Pool of Death in Hawaii’s Kipu Falls is one of the places where you can relax and feel happy as you experience the alluring beauty of nature. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for this pool to pose a threat and stop being nice as it could drown you! To complicate matters, the frothing sides, fluctuating tides and seasonal changes further makes it a paradise of death to be in. Yet, it’s still attractive and keeps on existing with or without you being there.

Interestingly, just as Pele – the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes tend to be pissed off at an attempt to cart away volcanic rocks, the goddess of the Pool of Death (if it exists) is also capable of brewing anger with its heavy tidal waves/wave crashing. Thus, tourists in particular have to be careful as the lives lost in the pool so far have been that of tourists. Those who survived have got rope burns, broken/sprained ankles, chest injuries, perforated eardrums or were even paralyzed to remember their fateful experience with this extraordinary swimming hole.

If you’ve ever experienced how soothing it is to swim or stand next to a waterfall, you would be scared of experiencing the opposite which is swimming or standing directly under a waterfall as anything could fall upon your head. That’s exactly the dicey scenario that the Pool of Death presents. So, it’s advisable to be cautious of this pool and ditch your athletic prowess and social media paparazzi to extend your life. The fact is that if you find yourself along the stream of Hulei,  never forget that it’s either you have a lifetime swimming experience in the Pool of Death or one that wouldn’t give you an opportunity to remember what happened after it takes your life!

The Pool of Death is a glorious hidden place for a Hawaii vacation but you’ve got to watch out for its deadly side before it deceitfully drowns you.