Top 5 Safe Travel Tips

Travelling is fun especially to those who like to travel but even with the fun of it is important to be conscious of safety. Keeping safe while you are on travel is good because it helps to minimize your risk of getting hurt or getting involved in unpleasant situations that may ruin your travel. So how best can you keep safe when travelling away from your home?
In this article, we highlight the top five safe travel tips that will help keep you safe wherever you decide to travel to. Keep reading to learn more about them:
1. Ensure that the room you are lodging in is safe and secure
Always lock your hotel room whenever you are going to sleep, fasten the security chain to added security. You’d better opt for rooms that are on second floor, third or fourth. Ground floor rooms are prone to burglaries and the windows can provide easy access points for criminals. If you are not expecting someone late at night in your lodging room don’t answer the door but call the hotel’s security team.
2. Do not forget to carry your medication with you
If you are travelling and you are on prescription drugs, it is best to carry the drugs with you. Travelling does not mean that you should not renege on your prescribed drug dosage, just consult with your doctor and continue taking them. Remember that there are certain kinds of ailments that need to be managed by regular drugs. Some of the conditions that require the patient to take medication on a regular basis may include diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, AIDS (anti-retroviral), and many others.
3. When you are on foreign land don’t act differently
If you have travelled to a foreign country or a distant place away from your home and perhaps you don’t know exactly where to go next, you better act like you know the place. You can then move to a police officer instead to ask for direction to your destination. Never just ask any stranger on the street as this will help to announce that you are stranger. Even your dressing should be in uniformity with that of the locals. This will help you not stand out from the rest of the locals. Standing out from the rest will make you more vulnerable to attacks from criminals who may be interested in robbing you.
4. Know the neighborhood you are going to have to stay in
If your travel itinerary is going to involve travelling to a foreign country it is better to do some background checks on the neighborhood you will be staying in. Knowing about the security of a neighborhood will help you plan about your overall security when you finally get there.
5. Avoid posting every move you when abroad on the social media
When you travel abroad and then you post updates of your stay online, many people even friends from your neighborhood may learn about your absence. Opportunists may take advantage of your absence to go and still from your home.