Travelling to new destinations is one interesting way of unwinding from your daily life routines and rejuvenating yourself for better brain work. A lot of people across the globe are passionate about travelling and exploring the interesting things new places offer. If you are passionate about exploring new cities then there’s no doubt you would fall in love with Toronto.


Toronto is one of the most multi-culturally diverse cities under the sun harboring more than 140 languages from different parts of the world.  More than a half of the residents of Toronto are people born outside Canada, and despite this cultural complexity, Torontonians perfectly co-exist.  Interacting with different cultures all over the world exposes you to diverse viewpoints that help in widening your horizons and broadening your mind. If you are a culture enthusiast then Toronto would make a perfect place for you on your next holiday trip.


Toronto’s climate is greatly influenced by its location on the great lakes and this ensures that it has cool winters and warm summers. The temperatures are icy between December and March with a fairly constant and beautiful snow cover all through the winter season. The spring brings back the city’s energy after a cold winter season with temperatures slowly raising by April.   Its autumn temperatures range from 21° c and 7° C with fog experienced on some days.  And when summer raises, it comes with high temperatures that can sometime creep up to 25° C.  In fine weather, there’s no doubt that Toronto is a blast, awesome and vibrant city a buzz with activity.

Toronto’s restaurants

Holiday trips and travel sprees are never complete without classic and delicious meals from different cuisines. This is yet another variable that raises Toronto to a higher competitive edge when it comes to travel and leisure. Toronto’s food scene is one of the Americas greatest and it offers an extensive variety of mouthwatering dishes. Toronto harbors a lot of top notch restaurants from Asian inspired cuisines, to beer halls and Michelin starred dining’s. Its multi-cultural population is reflected in several family run restaurants offering food from around the world.

Infrastructure in Toronto

Just like any other big cities across the world, Toronto’s downtown is dotted with magnificent skyscrapers that would be attractive to any new person. The city’s public transport system seamlessly runs with people bustling in different activities daily. Toronto has quite a number of subways and some of the tallest free standing towers in the world. Moreover, it has the world’s largest underground shopping mall for those fervent about shopping. There are several nice hotels and accommodation at very cost effective prices and this mixed with Canada’s famous hospitality, you would have an exemplary and adventurous city experience without a scant on its charm.

Besides these variable, there are several other interesting things to discover about Toronto. There are nice parks, museums and several natural feature that make this city one of its kind. You would also fall in love with how dynamic Toronto is and as trends change, Toronto also changes.