Which Beach in the World Has the Highest Wave?

The highest waves are not just created that way. It is important to note that winds at sea are capable of generating waves at an average of 10 feet high. In fact, during stormy weather, 30 feet becomes the new normal. However, the question remains what creates a wave which could be the size of an office building, which coastal dwellers fear and big wave lovers covet? Anyway, the focus of this article is to look at the beach with the highest wave.

You may not have heard about Mavericks because it is just a tiny beach of the coast of Northern California. However, this beach delivers the highest wave in the world and is known by surfers and scientists alike.

Maverick is one of the most big wave surf spot off Half Moon bay South of San Francisco. It is said to be the most famous surfing locations in Northern California. The location of Maverick is just 0.8m from shore in pillar point harbor. Maverick is a destination for most of the big wave surfers of the world. Let us not forget that just very few riders are big wave suffers and even at that only few of this surfers are willing to risk the hazardous condition at Maverick.

Maverick got its name after a German shepherd called Maverick. Three surfers in 1961 decided to try a distant wave off pillar point. They went with the German shepherd called Maverick who was used to swimming out with the owner when they are surfing. However, on this day, the left Maverick on shore but surprisingly, it swam out and caught up with them. The surfers had a limited success surfing the tail end of the break and found that the condition was too dangerous but named the point maverick because he has gotten the most experience out of it.

It is important to state that the wave at maverick are dangerous and in some cases, it can become inaccessible without a helicopter or even a boat. Therefore it is important to carefully select which wave will open its face and also the right moment of the take off. It is very compulsory and it’s not a child’s play because any mistake will lead to a loss of life. Let’s not forget that big waves are surfed in other beaches but the tiny beach on the Northern California coast can boast of having the highest wave.