Sophie Willis, a 25-year-old wedding designer, has a unique condition that has baffled Doctors and well-wishers worldwide, she has a life-threatening allergy to any foods that do not include vegetables and rice. Eating any of the other foods could lead to a deadly anaphylactic shock which could kill her. Aside from food, she is also deathly allergic to random things such as thunder and even sunlight. Sophie Willis has a rare disorder known as mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) a rare disease that only affects 1 out of every 150,000 people. This disease causes her to have strong reaction to foods such as meats, dairy, yeast, and all types of preservatives found in processed foods.

She spent a long time trying to come to terms with why she suffered from debilitating reactions whenever she eats certain foods, but none of the physicians she consulted initially had the answers she wanted.

She was referred to therapists with doctors thinking that there was no way that her bizarre symptoms, like having a severe reaction to thunder or sunlight, could be true. She was even diagnosed with Lyme disease by medical experts who believed it was responsible for her seizures. After some time, as she went through thorough scans and blood tests, it was discovered that she was suffering from a rare food allergy to every food except rice and vegetables.

Ever since her diagnosis, Willis has had to carefully monitor her lifestyle and dietary habits, in order to avoid the disastrous consequences that one wrong bite could cause. She keeps her disease in control by taking up to 60 pills a day.

Now she has to take more than 60 pills every day to keep her dangerous condition under control.

What makes her condition even more frightening is that Willis claims that she was completely healthy and dietarily free until the year 2014 when she first started showing signs of illness. She used to eat out with her friends and co-workers regularly and participate in half marathons until her seizures started to become more frequent. She stated that she had visited more than 20 hospitals but none of the doctors could help her understand what was triggering her allergies

After almost every meal, Sophie would lose consciousness, or her lips and throat would swell up, making it hard for her to breathe. Over the next two years, she visited over 30 hospitals and got countless tests and checkups, but the doctors found her symptoms confusing.

Finally, one doctor connected the dots and diagnosed her with MCAS where the patient’s body has a severe reaction to all foreign objects, including food. Thankfully, she could still consume all kinds of vegetables and rice without breaking into hives. Sophie says that it isn’t fun to live just on vegetables and sometimes she is tempted to eat out just like normal people, but having a strict diet keeps her condition in control so she doesn’t suffer from life-threatening strokes or blackouts.

Willis says that she is also affected by loud sounds like thunder and sunlight which could give her severe rashes and trigger unbearable headaches. Even hot water could cause her skin to react, which is why she has to take cool showers – even in winter. The 25-year-old claims that her allergies are extremely unpredictable; one day she will be completely fine going out in the sun and the next day, even the slightest temperature change will trigger a severe allergic reaction.

Willis says that she misses her favorites foods like cheese, fruits, pies, and desserts but unfortunately, she could only eat French fries or vegetable salads when she goes to restaurants. She is currently working with different charities to raise donations and awareness for those who suffer from this debilitating syndrome and don’t get the medical and financial help they need to combat their condition.