Workout Buddies: Exercises That Are Effective That Do Not Need Equipment

Gym memberships can be expensive and admit it, you are not sure whether you can even get the most out of it. You can also opt to purchase some equipment, but as much as you want to buy home workout equipment, it might be expensive for you and way out of your budget. Especially when you have other things to think about paying. And now you are left wondering how you can get that fit and healthy figure without a gym membership and home equipment. This article is here to help you consider these exercises that you can incorporate into your workout routine without having to use any types of equipment!

#1 Push-Ups

A classic exercise and is proved to still being a part of fitness buff’s favorites. Indeed that you will need a proper form in accomplishing this exercise for it to be truly effective, and that will require a couple of practices and muscle memory. There are also variations in performing your push-ups as you increase your intensity.

#2 Squats

For those aiming to improve multiple parts of your body, doing squats is a top fitness exercise that does not need any equipment. By performing the exercise with the correct form, you can enhance your balance, burn fat, and improve blood circulation, and enhance core and back muscles. It especially helps tone and makes your whole body firm, even your butt, and legs.

#3 Burpees

This is a cardio workout doubled as a full-body workout that targets your arm, core, and leg muscles! Starting off from a standing position then squatting down to the floor and kicking your legs back to do a high plank then back to the squat position, ending the rep with a jump with your hands straight up in the air. The high plank can be altered to a push-up or mountain climbers for more intense workouts.

#4 Planks

And speaking of planks, this has been another favorite workout exercise without using any equipment as it can be done anywhere with a flat surface that you are comfortable with. Planking is a deceiving exercise because it may seem easy during the first few seconds and will just burn you before you know it. And just like push-ups, planks have numerous variations that can target more muscles and increase the intensity of your workout.

#5 Lunges

This exercise is also a favorite of numerous fitness buffs and just like planks, you can do this anywhere and anytime you wish! Lunges give the same benefits, targeting your lower body muscles and your core for balance. You can perform lunges by moving from one side of the room to the other or from one room to the next. Lunges also have some variations that can help make your workouts more intense. There really is no escape from doing your workouts since there are different workouts you can do with or without the presence of equipment. All you need is discipline and you will be on your way to a fit and healthier you!