Workout Buddies: Get Started With Planning Out Your Workout Routine

The new year has just arrived and just like every other start of the year, it is once again time to tell yourself: ‘I will start working out”. But the difference this time is you actually want to finally start this year. And that is great! However, you still have not saved up enough to hire a trainer to help you plan your workout routine. And if you plan to make a routine yourself, you probably don’t know where to start. Well, fret not, for we have prepared a simple guide to help you get started on planning out your workout routine. Read on and enjoy!

#1 Plan Your Workout and Rest Days

This is the best way to start making your workout routine and is actually an important part. Deciding on what days of the week you will workout is already a weekly routine itself! Allot four to five days of workout in a week, with two to three days of rest. Make sure you put your “workout days” on days and times of the week that are very much doable and realistic for you. And if you plan to change it in-between months, make sure you do it gradually.

#2 Plan On Types Of Exercises

Leg day? Cardio? Core and upper body? Yoga? The best workout routine and the most effective one is having a balance of exercises. And you can achieve this by laying out a specific focus on certain days. For example, your “leg day” and cardio can be on Tuesday and Friday, core and upper body workouts with yoga on Monday and Thursday, and full-body exercises on Wednesday or Saturday.

#3 Plan On Specific Exercises For Those Days

This will now require you to be more specific about what you want to achieve with your body. Thus, needing a lot of research on what exercises will be best for your goals. Toned legs and a more firm butt and glutes? Slimmer waist and toner triceps? Increase stamina? Lookup exercises that will greatly help those areas.

#4 Plan On The Intensity Of Those Exercises

Planning on the intensity of your chosen exercises will now depend on your overall experience of working out or just how physically active you have been prior to your workout routine. May you be a beginner, an intermediate, or an expert. For example, if you are a true beginner, then you might want to start with being less intense as to not shock your body. Basically, start with your true rank.

#5 Plan On Gradually Increasing Intensity and Altering Your Routine

 Staying on the same routine and same intensity for the longest time will be counterproductive and will really not make any much progress in your body. So, it is very important to get back to your routine sheet and do some altering or gradually increasing the intensity of your workouts as time progress. Did you make any progress in your workout routine plan for this year? We sure hope this helped you and, “Hooray!” for a healthier and fitter you!