Is cockroaches milk the next super food

Cockroach milk has received a lot of attention in the recent past. Do you believe if I say that there are people who eat cookies with cockroach milk? The health benefits associated with cockroach milk has played a major role behind the above mentioned fact. In other words, cockroach milk contains a chock full of protein and people will not have to experience any harmful side effects after consumption.

A variety of scientific studies have been conducted on cockroach milk. From one such study, it has been identified that Pacific Beetle cockroaches tend to feed their bug babies with a specific formula that is extremely rich in sugar, fat and protein. Such studies have tempted scientists to conduct more extensive researches on cockroach milk and its benefits to the human body. However, the scientists ask people not to expect bottles of cockroach milk in the dairy section of the supermarket.

The scientists also say that the liquid that is being harvested from cockroaches is not actually milk. They call it as milk because it looks like milk, but the formulation is much different. This fact has been verified by Becky Facer, who is the director of educator programs and school at Fernbank Museum in Atlanta. It is basically a protein crystal, which cockroaches use to feed their infants. This crystal is extremely important for the development and growth of cockroaches that are in the infant stage. Various studies have been conducted in order to figure out the composition in these crystals and they have figured out that it contains 4 times more energy when compared to cow milk.

People who are aware of these nutritional qualities are curious to figure out the exact composition of cockroach milk and what it is really made out of. The cockroaches do not lay eggs to develop outside their bodies. In fact, the baby cockroaches are being developed within the body of the mother. These cockroaches nourish their little ones with a protein rich liquid, which is being secreted by the brood sac. This liquid is known as the cockroach milk. As you can see, it contains all the nutrients that are being used for the development of the child. That’s the main reason why modern world people are interested in cockroach milk. They simply want to experience the benefits associated with those nutrients.

It would be better to pay attention towards the milking process of cockroaches as well. The crystals that are located within the embryos of the cockroaches are being extracted using several techniques. These techniques are still in the development process and they are not much efficient. However, some companies have already started making plans to give life to mass production of cockroach milk. As per their market studies, they strongly believe that cockroach milk would become a super food in every corner of the world. Therefore, we can keep our fingers crossed to see how it would do.


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