Surprising Reasons why we cannot seem to lose weight

You are working really hard on your diet. You have given up the cheating days and somedays you work out a bit more to burn those extra calories. Yes, you do lose a little weight but it doesn’t help you out the way you thought it would. And sometimes, that little weight just bounces back if you cheat for a day. So why is it that despite all of your amazing hard work, you are still unable to lose weight and maintain it?

No! I am not talking about the failure of crash diets here. If you want to dig in further to the topic; then you are in the right place. Here are some surprising reasons that science has unveiled to us, due to which we are unable to lose weight.


  1. Sleep Deprivation:

Studies and latest research tells us that almost 40% people get less than a 7 hour night sleep. Does that make you cooler? Well, it might (for you) but in actual it is the reason why your blood sugar level, stress hormone and insulin rise up. The rise in these levels, gives you an intense feeling of hunger.

Moreover, sleep deprivation raises your insulin level which becomes a great cause for fat getting stored in your body. You can read the “Virgin diet” for confirmation as well.


  1. Working Out? Is that an excuse to Eat More?

Majority of people do this! They exercise more so that they can eat more. They simply decide to compensate for the overeating with working out more. If you have burned down 700 calories in the gym…it does not give you the power to go ahead at eat whatever you wish to. Also don’t eat everything and simply anything, knowing that you will burn it off in the gym. The best advice is to eat the food which fuels the process of burning your calories (apart from just doing that in the gym).


  1. Small Frequent Meals:

This new tip is so trendy these days. But it does not help that much. The celebrities usually tell you that they have small frequent meals but they don’t mention what they actually eat in those meals. You speculate that it gives you space not to overeat a lot…but it actually can boost insulin to an extremely higher level. What’s the result? The stored fat doesn’t get a chance to fuel up. You can have your regular meals but try to have healthy fats, which make you feel fuller but also help you burn fat.


  1. Too Much Stress:

A latest study has shown that a woman under stress is able to gain 11 pounds a year. Stress is a major reason for the arousal of cortisol…this boosts the craving for eating sweet dishes a lot. Cortisol also lowers down the stomach acid which doesn’t let your stomach digest food properly.

So, it is not all about choosing the wrong diet plan, or crash dieting. Something it as simple as these 4 reasons, that don’t let you lose weight or maintain it.


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